Mission & Vision

To enhance community life by providing inclusive classical music programs, events, and performances, featuring Latino arts and culture, in order to build intercultural understanding, foster connection and engagement, and strengthen the leadership and voice of underrepresented Latino communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Our vision is that classical music programs, performances and cultural events, featuring Latinx artists and composers, serve as a bridge to cultural understanding while empowering and engaging Latinx community members of all ages, thereby strengthening their voices in civic life.

BCO side-by-side concert with Seattle Symphony, February 2019


Admission to all BCO concerts is free, thanks to generous grants from Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund, Bellevue’s “Special Projects” fund, 4Culture, and the Latino Community Fund.

Conductor Paula Nava Madrigal and Concertmaster Teo Benson are experienced, professional musicians and teaching artists affiliated with Young Strings Project Outreach, a  non-profit organization that has been providing classical music education and experiences, without charge, to under-served youth in the Seattle area since 2006.  

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BCO Conductor Paula Nava Madrigal at Side-by-Side Concert with Seattle Symphony on February 15, 2019

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage, Broadway Performance Hall, Sept 2018, photo by Diana Cruz

“Dia des Todos Santos” Concert at Plymouth Congregational Church, Nov 4, 2018, photo by Diana Cruz    





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Rimawaynina Cumbe, Columbian dance troupe, before Latino Spring Concert 2019

BCO is grateful for your contributions and for 2017-19 grant support from the organizations below.


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